BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado

BMW MC Ride List

DateRide/ Event
4/13/2022Club Meeting 5:30 PM, speaker Brook Reams at Cafe del Sol
4/30/2022Beemers & Bull’s Eye
5/7/2022Cañon City Festival
5/11/2022Club Meeting 5:30 PM, speaker Mike Bobbitt at Cafe del Sol
5/20/2022Rio Grande Del Norte
5/27/2022Wilderness on Wheels
6/3/2022Larkspur Campout / Mt Herman Dual – Sport Ride
6/9/2022Riverside Equinox Campout
6/11/2022Rhubarb Festival
6/18/2022Buck Snort Loop
6/30/2022Chama Campout
7/9/2022NoCo (Northern Colorado Members) Brfst/Red Feather Lakes
7/16/2022Buffalo Bill’s Grave
7/20/2023Top O’ The Rockies July 20 – 23
7/22/2022W38Moto– off Road Training
7/23/2022Poker Run
7/30/2022Evergreen Turns
8/6/2022100k Foot Ride
8/13/2022Peak to Peak to Estes Park
8/17/2022Beartooth Beemers
8/27/2022Steamboat Overnight
8/27/2022Rocky Mtn Moto Museum
9/12/2022Western Colorado Loop
9/16/2022Fall Equinox Campout
9/21/2022Golden Aspen Viewing This ride is Cancelled
9/23/2022Flatlander Festival
9/26/2022Golden Aspen Viewing This ride is Cancelled
10/1/2022Victor Fall Leaf Ride
10/8/2022Club Picnic
10/15/2022Berthoud NoCo Meetup Ride
12/14/2022Christmas Party!
1/1/2023New Years Day