Riverside Wyoming Member Appreciation Campout

Riverside Wyoming Member Appreciation Campout

The BMW Club of Colorado held our member appreciation campout at Lazy Acres Campground next to the Encampment River in the tiny town of Riverside, Wyoming about 200 miles Northwest of Denver. The event was spearheaded by Carl Thomte. Thanks, Carl.

The event was officially from Saturday to Sunday but a bunch of us came up on Thursday to get more riding in. This is really cowboy country with some great highways and interesting places to see. Truly the wide-open spaces. We rode up to Battle Mountain, Lake Marie where there was 2 feet of snow, the Ames Bros State Historic Site where you could see a pyramid in the middle of nowhere, and the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument.

We had a great dinner on Saturday night and enjoyed the comradery of a great group of members.

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