BMW Motorrad announces 2024 R 1300 GS

BMW Motorrad announces 2024 R 1300 GS

The wait is finally over: BMW Motorrad has officially announced the 2024 R 1300 GS. Spy photos have been available for months, but this is the first time we’re able to see high-quality, high-resolution images directly from BMW.

The new 1,300 cc boxer engine puts out a claimed 145 horsepower (at 7,750 rpm) and 110 pound-feet of torque (at 6,500 rpm), while thanks to a new frame and suspension components, the bike comes in 26 pounds under the weight of the 2023 R 1250 GS, at 523 pounds compared to the 1250’s 549.

BMW estimates the R 1300 GS will be available in “early 2024” and has set the MSRP for the base model at $18,895, plus destination fees. Visit BMW’s configurator to price one out with their various packages.

Shiftcam technology is still at the forefront, but the redesign of the boxer engine resulted in new camshafts, with the six-speed gearbox now located under the engine. BMW are calling it “the most powerful BMW boxer engine ever,” but claim its fuel efficiency has been optimized to perform at the same level as the R 1250 GS. The new frame is a combination of steel and sheet metal and die-cast aluminum. BMW has redesigned the EVO Telelever (front) and updated the EVO Paralever (rear) to take advantage of the new frame, allowing the frame to be stiffer and the suspension more flexible (in the good way).

As Thilo Fuchs, Head of Water-Cooled Boxers, said, “With the new BMW R 1300 GS we will once again take the competition by surprise. It is defined by an even broader spread of product substance, while the reduction in complexity and vehicle weight, combined with focused equipment, enable the essence of the boxer GS to be showcased even more strikingly. With a new engine, outstanding handling, and impressive ride qualities, it will set the pace both on and off the road.”

Performance assistance comes in the forms we’ve come to expect from BMW Motorrad: Full Integral ABS Pro, Standard Dynamic Traction Control, Engine Drag Torque Control, Dynamic Brake Assist, Hill Start Control and Standard Dynamic Cruise Control. Optional add-ons in this arena include Electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment, Adaptive Vehicle Height Control and the Riding Assistant (which includes Active Cruise Control, Front Collision Warning and Lane Charge Warning).

The riding experience is determined in part by the Riding Modes-Rain, Road, Eco and Enduro. As an option, riders can add Riding Modes Pro-Dynamic, Dynamic Pro and Enduro Pro, the latter two of which are customizable by the rider. These modes will take advantage of improved torque response particularly between 3,600-7,800 rpm, where BMW claims the rider will have 96+ lb-ft available. BMW has bumped the cylinders’ compression ratio from 12.5:1 to 13.3:1, so expect to fuel this GS with high-quality gasoline.

The dash is updated to a 6.5-inch full-color TFT screen, and riders can opt to view the Sport screen for more detailed information as they ride. The BMW Motorrad Connected app and the bike’s Bluetooth connectivity allow the rider to engage turn-by-turn navigation and other connectivity features, and the new GS includes a charging port and even a special pocket for the rider’s smartphone.

As Christian Hahn-Wörnle, part of the bike’s design team, said, “In the new BMW R 1300 GS we’ve focused on honing the GS concept even further. The new design is defined by integration and modularity, thereby offering optimum performance and functionality for all riders. The components have been arranged as efficiently as possible to achieve an integrative architecture and stunning looks – entirely in the tradition of the legendary GS flyline.”

For full details, download BMW’s press release and to see the R 1300 GS in action just a little, visit the MOA’s YouTube channel.